Middle East Deffence & Security Agency
The Company and its capabilities:

Depending on the local market's needs in the field of private security services , Middle East Defense & Security Agency "MEDSA" established by the founder Abdel Hadi al Majali as a partnership with an expert British company with a paid up capital of JD 120000 (one hundred twenty thousand Jordan Dinars) under the register number (1433) in company's records dated on 22/8/1984 . MEDSA is owned by Mr. Sahel al Majali and is conceder as pioneer company since it is the first security company established in Jordan in this field . MEDSA takes its duties cooperating with the public security system in Jordan.


MEDSA's goals were specified as:

  • Funds and valuable assets transforming.

  • Providing security services for public, private, and military sectors.

  • Owning tangible and non-tangible assets in order to accomplish its missions.

  • Mortgaging tangible and non-tangible assets.

  • Singing contracts to accomplish the company's missions.

  • Borrowing necessary loans from banks.

The Interior Minister agreed on MEDSA's goals in his book No. 26/59/52664/13935 dated on 17/1/2012.

MEDSA's guards are selected from a pool of recently retired servicemen from the Royal Guards , Special Forces, Public Security , and other elite crops of the Jordan Armed Forces . These guards were trained to fit the required standards to perfectly cope with the civil sector .

For high qualifications , MEDSA cooperated with many local companies in order to follow up with all new updates in the field of controlling and monitoring technologies .

Before taking our duties , MEDSA attend to send a selected team to the location in order to cover all its needs and specify threats . These points will be used later to build a full-coverage plan which will be discussed in a primary meeting to get more ideas . MEDSA is aware for the importance of using technical tools to follow the performance of both : guards and supervisors .

MEDSA is proud about its professional record and believe it was reached by its strict policy in taking duties seriously. MEDSA also is aware about the importance of contacting global companies to follow up with all updates in this industry .

MEDSA believes that the most important element for success is the professional way of accomplishing missions by performance controlling and contacting clients to gain another point of view . This policy helped MEDSA in building perfect relations not only with the clients, but also with the employee (they are almost more than one thousand personnel) . MEDSA also run operations in Dubai (al Ain Centre, Tel. 0097143526663) .

MEDSA always focuses on training courses and its impact for following all the new updates and increasing the guards qualities and manners in order to match their military behaviors with the civil life such as : obeying orders , stay clean and fit , and training on using weapons carefully .



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